Top 5 Goals in the Euro 2020 Quarter-Finals

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The best five goals in the quarter-finals Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) of which the players from Italy, Denmark and England secured a place to the semifinals.

Four quarter-final matches saw 12 goals scored by 11 different players. Only Harry Kane who scored two goals in this phase.

While Denis Zakaria is listed as the only player to score an own goal in the quarter-finals, as well as adding to the long list of own goals at Euro 2020.

Of the 12 goals, there were five slick goals scored by the players in an effort to bring victory to the team they were defending.

Here are the top five goals in the Euro 2020 quarter-finals:

1. Nicolo Barella (Italy)

The Gli Azzurri midfielder opened Italy’s victory over Belgium. Barella also emphasized that Roberto Mancini’s team had the same goal-scoring ability on all fronts.

Of the 11 goals that Italy has scored, there are six goalscorers. Four of the Italian players scored two goals.

Barella is the sixth Italian player to find the net. When scoring a goal against Belgium in the 31st minute, Barella kicked off in the middle of the opponent’s siege. Nevertheless, Barella was able to make the ball nest in the goal of Thibaut Courtois.

2. Lorenzo Insigne (Italy)

Insigne’s second goal at Euro 2020 came from long range. Dribble without control means, this Napoli player then opened fire against Belgium.

The unguarded position and available space can be put to good use by Insigne. Insigne releases the ball into the net with a right-footed shot.

The ball went to the far post and curled beyond Courtois’ reach.

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