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The streak that marks the bad start of River’s tournament

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The Millionaire’s fall against Colón is the third in a row for the first day of the last local tournaments: he had also started with a defeat in the Maradona Cup and the LPF Cup.

River began his participation in the Professional League with a loss for 2 – 1 versus Colon in the Monumental and became the third consecutive Argentine tournament where he cannot start the first day with a victory against his rival on duty.

Rodrigo Aliendro opened the scoring after two minutes of play, and despite the fact that the Sabalero he stayed with 10 footballers for the expulsion from Gonzalo Piovi at 13 playing, the visit extended distances with the goal of Yéiler Goez. The Millionaire got the discount for Matias Suarez to the 90 minutes party.

River and its last two debuts in the Diego Maradona Cup and the 2021 League Cup

  • Diego Maradona Cup 2020: River it fell 3 – 1 versus Banfield in the Liberators of America. After starting up in the result with the goal of Rafael Santos Borré, the Drill turned history with so many of Agustin Fontana, Giuliano Gallop Y Javier Pinola against;
  • League Cup 2021: River fell again with the same obstacle and Students reversed the scoreboard to take the meeting by 2 – 1 on At payment. The Millionaire went to the front by the goal of Matias Suarez, but Mauro Diaz Y Fabian Noguera They gave the victory to Pincha About the hour.

River’s seven starts for Liga Argentina during Marcelo Gallardo’s cycle

  • 2014 tournament: River equaled 1 – 1 against Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata with goals from Teófilo Gutiérrez and, in added time, equaled Pablo Vegetti for him Lobo;
  • Tournament 2015: River beat Sarmiento on Junin for 4-1 with the goals of Carlos Sanchez, Fernando Cavenaghi Y Teófilo Gutiérrez2– while Hector Cuevas discounted for him Verde.
  • Tournament 2016: River thrashed 5 – 1 Quilmes in the Monumental with so many of Rodrigo lives2-, Gonzalo Pity Martínez2– Y Lucas Alario. On a temporary basis, Sebastian Romero had matched for him Brewer.
  • Tournament 2016/17: River crushed Banfield for 4 – 1 thanks to the goals of Sebastian Driussi, Lucas Alario, Andrés D’Alessandro Y Gonzalo Pity Martínez for the local. In part, he had equaled Santiago Silva for him Drill.
  • Superliga 2017/18: River took a victory from his visit in the Alfredo Beranger for 1 – 0 against Temperley with the goal of Ignacio Scocco in the initial stage.
  • Superliga 2018/19: River equaled goalless in front of Hurricane as a visitor in the Thomas Adolfo Ducó.
  • Superliga 2019/20: River tied 1 – 1 against Argentinians in the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium with the goals of Damien Batallini for him animal Y Jorge Carrascal put tables for him Millionaire.

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