The great team with which Atlético Nacional wants to recover and become Colombian champion

The Colombian Soccer League is a few days away from its start and the teams continue to nurture their payroll to face the championship. Searching for the ‘Christmas star’ is the only objective of the big teams, among them, National Athletic

The Antioquia team has a debt of titles with its fans and for this, it has begun to form a team of ‘fear’, with several experienced men, including some men who return to the club, after a stint in soccer abroad. But, also, with a touch of youth and bets on the future.

Well, from the hand of coach Alejando Restrepo and the new leadership, headed by Emilio Gutiérrez, the ‘purslane’ made the return of Andrés Felipe Aguilar and Dorlan Pabón; two men who will reinforce the defensive and attacking rear on the wings, respectively.

Additionally, the signing of Yeison Guzmán, from Envigado, is perhaps one of the most important in this transfer market. Well, the paisa had an outstanding season in Envigado, highlighting their collective game and their vision of the game.

Ruyery Blanco, a forward who was at Unión Magdalena last season and who arrives on loan, also joined. A young 22-year-old Samarium, who will have to show his talent in a ‘big’ in the country.

A point in favor for the managers was keeping several key players such as Andrés Andrade, Jarlan Barrera or Barldomero Perlaza. Those who did leave and were part of the rotation with Alexandre Guimaraes were: Yerson Mosquera, Vladimir Hernández, Deinner Quiñones, Neyder Moreno, Michael Chacón and Nicolás Hernández.

Nacional played in the last days a friendly match against Valledupar and wore the possible team he would use for the next season: Kevin Mier; Yerson Candelo, Felipe Aguilar, Emanuel Olivera, Danovis Banguero; Sebastián Gómez, Brayan Rovira; Dorlan Pabón, Alex Castro, Andrés Andrade; Jefferson Duque.

To this must be added Aldair Quintana and Baldomero Perlaza, who were in the Copa América with the Colombian National Team. In addition to Jarlan Barrera, who had a small injury that took him out of the game against the ‘Valduparenses’.

Without a doubt, the green side of Medellín is one of the best reinforced so far for the FPC, but also with several casualties in the squad that will have to be replaced with homegrown players. Favorites to the title?



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