The “Gentile da Fabriano” crosses the milestone of 25 years, among the winners Eugenio Coccia from San Benedetto

FABRIANO – The national prize “Gentile da Fabriano” turns 25 and chooses to celebrate the quarter of a century of activity by dedicating the 2021 edition to Senator Carlo Bo, intellectual, rector of the University of Urbino and founder of the Prize. The new edition of the award will take place next 25 October, inside the “Gentile” theater, a day led by the journalist of Tg1 (and from Fabriano doc) Giorgia Cardinaletti.
The winners
The 2021 edition, on the general theme “Challenges and opportunities in a difficult time”, saw the jury of the award chaired by Giorgio Calcagnini, rector of the University of Urbino, focusing on 6 important names in Italian culture. In the “Lives of Italians” section, Beppe Severgnini. Journalist, essayist, columnist and TV presenter. In the section “Carlo Bo for humanistic culture and communication”, Ginevra Bompiani, writer. Daughter of Valentino Bompiani, she conceived the “Pesanervi” series of fantastic literature for the Bompiani publishing house. In the “Science, health and environment” section, Maria Chiara Carrozza. A scholar of neuro-robotics and bio-robotics, in April 2021 she was appointed President of the National Research Council, the first woman to fill this role. she was Minister of Education, University and Research. In the section “Economy, work and innovation”, Innocenzo Cipolletta, economist and business manager. In the “Marche workshop” section: Eugenio Coccia, astrophysicist. Native of San Benedetto del Tronto, member of the European Academy, founder and, since 2016, Rector of the Gran Sasso Science Institute. For the “Special Jury Prize”, Valerio Bianchini, basketball coach, the first in Italian basketball, to win three league titles with three different clubs (Cantù, Virtus Roma and Pesaro). He led the Italian national team to the world championships in Madrid, in 1986, and to the Europeans in Athens in 1987.
The side event
The collateral event of the 25th edition is the box set “For a tribute to Carlo Bo”, with the homage of the artists, 25 Italian engravers who donated one of their works in homage to Bo on the twentieth anniversary of his death.


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