the flamboyant Danish midfielder, the Czech defense much less

The duo Hojbjerg and Delaney at the peak of their art, the great match of Stryger-Larsen, the misses of the Czech defense … Find the Tops and Flops of the quarter of the Euro between Danes and Czechs (2-1).


The complementary and elegant Hojbjerg – Delaney duo
The two Danish midfielders have given us a benchmark in double-pivot. Hojbjerg had a role of recuperator, always with his head raised, to put good balls in the right tempo, going to the duel when it was necessary. Always voluntary and making many efforts, he was still there at the very end of the match to recover the stray balls lost by his comrades. Delaney was more into the percussion, going up to pierce the Czech lines which took little time to break. He even turned into a scorer, the first from Denmark, being forgotten at the far post on a corner to score with a header.

Stryger-Larsen and piston hyperactive
Having recovered the right lane since the game against Wales, he too has never given up during his 70 minutes of play. Giving the goal to Delaney from a corner in the 5th minute, the Udinese midfielder has Very well held its role of piston, with many back and forth which made it possible to stop the Czech progression. Author of two key passes, he easily takes his marks in the area when it comes to bringing danger in front.


Czech defense still backsliding
Having very quickly taken to the water, with this oversight on Delaney, during the first goal of the game from a corner, the Czech central hinge will have spent his time defending by retreating. Nothing more was needed for very offensive Danes. And as they retreated further, they covered the offside potential of Dolberg who recovered a sublime cross addressed by Maehle. Always hesitant when it comes to getting on the ball carrier, it could have cost them even more if Vaclik had not revealed himself in the last moments.

Tomas Holes no longer finds his role as detonator
Expected after his huge match against the Netherlands, Holes will have paid the price for an overwhelming Danish midfielder. He couldn’t throw himself and be as dangerous as usual. At his side, captain Soucek, author of a great match despite his skull injury, monopolized all the balls and Holes, frustrated, left at half-time. He still had an opportunity to put his teeth in when he went off-center to the left on a pass from Masopust. An action aborted by Schmeichel, vigilant.



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