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The Cowboys release cornerback Rashard Robinson, and he says he “se

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With less than a week left for training camp, no moves were expected on the Cowboys roster. However, the cowboy team decided to dispense with a player whose continuity was already in question due to his performance and his extra-sporting problems.

This is cornerback Rashard Robinson (not to be confused with 2020 rookie cornerback Reggie Robinson II). This Saturday, the Cowboys decided to cut the former Jets and 49ers. The announcement was made official through the team’s public relations department, and was later spread by different media.

Robinson’s release was an expected move. Remember that the cornerback was suspended by the NFL last April, which will prevent him from playing the first two games of the regular season. The penalty was due to Robinson violating league policies on the use of substances to enhance athletic performance.

Besides, it could be said that Robinson was an “expendable” piece in the cornerback position. Despite having some participation in 2020, Robinson was not taken into account by many analysts for the upcoming season. And that’s understandable, considering it has competitors Trevon Diggs, Anthony Brown, Jourdan Lewis and Reggie Robinson II, plus rookies Nahshon Wright and Kelvin Joseph.

Rashard Robinson’s reaction to the release was swift. On his Instagram account, the cornerback posted a story with the phrase “I’ll make them regret that.” The story was uploaded shortly after news of his release was made public. Because of this, it can be understood as a message directed at the Cowboys.

Rashard Robinson Instagram Story (IG: @tweetboutthat)

However, Robinson shortly afterwards uploaded a short video with text indicating his appreciation for the cowboy team. Only Rashard will know if the above story was a hint to the Cowboys, but publication times suggest that it was.

Rashard Robinson Instagram Story (IG: @tweetboutthat)

Arrived in Dallas in September 2020, Rashard Robinson was immediately inducted into the practice squad. However, the injury casualties of Anthony Brown and other cornerbacks led Robinson to see action in four games last season. In them, he added three starts and recorded 20 combined tackles.

Rashard Robinson’s best performances in 2020 were against the Vikings (week 11) and the Bengals (week 14). In those games, his performance on defense helped the Cowboys achieve victory. However, despite his performances, the cornerback appeared inactive in the remaining three games of the 2020 season.

Now, with the arrival of reinforcements this year, it is clear that the former Jets was an expendable piece. And his suspension, his third since he’s been in the NFL, was just a little extra push for his departure from the team.

Robinson’s first sanction occurred in 2017, after he was arrested for illegal possession of marijuana. Because of this, the NFL suspended the cornerback for the first four games of the 2018 season, when he was playing for the Jets. This led to the New York team releasing him in May 2019.

That same year, the cornerback skipped mandatory drug tests, which led to a new suspension. This time the penalty was for ten games, which left Robinson without playing in the 2019 season.

Rashard Robinson’s arrival at the Cowboys seemed like a new opportunity for him, and he even seemed willing to put his problems behind him. And although this new suspension is the first for doping, this was enough for the cowboy team to decide to do without it.

With Robinson leaving, who could make it to Dallas?

The announcement of Rashard Robinson’s release created a small wave of rumors about possible arrivals. Without the cornerback, the Cowboys have a spot on their 90-man roster heading into training camp in Oxnard. Therefore, an incorporation is not ruled out in the coming days.

With Dallas having one less cornerback, some believe the team could add veteran Richard Sherman. Another possible candidate would be center Joe Looney, who would be the backing of Tyler Biadasz that the Cowboys badly need. Although any other move may occur, Sherman and Looney would be the top candidates available in free agency.

It remains to be seen what move the Cowboys make to fill Rashard Robinson’s spot on the roster of 90 before training camp. For now, Dallas may be comfortable getting rid of a trouble-prone player. And not only that, but also the confusion of many between Rashard Robinson and Reggie Robinson II has come to an end.

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