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The 3 arrests of Scottie Pippen by the police

by archysport

Not really known to feed the news item during his career, Scottie Pippen nonetheless has 3 arrests by the police in the 1990s. We take stock, with a mug shot worship as a bonus.

If the most famous arrests of the 1990s to their credit, Charles Barkley and Dennis Rodman, scramble heavyweight, you’ll be amazed to learn that Scottie Pippen was no slouch. Between 1994 and 1999, the famous lieutenant of Michael Jordan took 3 laps at the police station, each time for a different reason. Let’s go.

February 3, 1994, prohibited use of a firearm

At 29 years old and a few months after having validated the first three-peat, this is the first line on Scottie Pippen’s criminal record. One evening, when his car was improperly parked, the police called an impound to take him away. In the meantime, they discovered a fully loaded .380 semi-automatic pistol. Pip had the gun papers, but it’s illegal to carry one in Illinois. He was arrested for “prohibited use of a firearm”.

May 2, 1995, assault and battery on a woman

A domestic incident at Pippen’s home was reported by the neighborhood. When police arrived, the woman who was present with the Bulls player accused him of grabbing her by the arm and pushing her against his vehicle. Again, Pip was arrested, this time for assault and battery.

April 1, 1999, drunk driving

Hailed by Houston law enforcement at 1:30 a.m. after running a red light, Scottie Pippen failed the field sobriety tests and refused to take the breathalyzer. It was logically arrested, giving rise to this mug shot to say the least atypical, all smiles:

For 5 years, Scottie Pippen had some eventful endings with the police. Fortunately, Pip has been able to stay away from law enforcement radars ever since. And it’s better that way.

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