The 21st draft will determine the offline ticket sales for the Nets home court next week_attendance

Original title: The 21st Draft will be held offline for the Nets home court to host ticket sales next week

On July 16, Beijing time, a report from the famous American basketball player Xiamus Carania, the latest source shows that this year’s NBA Draft will be held at the Barclays Center, home of the Nets.

In other words, after experiencing last year’s online draft, this year’s draft will be held offline again.

It is also reported that the rookie players participating in this year’s draft will be allowed to appear, but for health and safety considerations, each rookie will be arranged in a separate rest waiting room.

In addition, this year’s draft contest will also start selling tickets as usual. It is reported that audience tickets will be on sale next Tuesday.

In fact, it is not surprising that the alliance made such a decision. After all, in the playoffs of the past two months or so, the attendance at the game site has been getting higher and higher, and by the finals, whether it is Milwaukee or the home court of Phoenix, the attendance has basically reached more than 95%.

In this case, the league is naturally confident in opening up the draft.

According to previous reviews, the top three newcomers in this year’s draft have already shown their clues. Cade Cunningham from Oklahoma State University has a high probability of being the No. 1 pick this year.

Cunningham is 2.03 meters tall and weighs 100 kilograms. As a ball-handling core, he has a natural physical superiority. His all-around output ability on both offensive and defensive ends also makes people like Luca, who is now a giant in the league. Doncic is linked together. The appearance of such a champion may boost the attendance of the audience.

In the draft lottery ceremony last month, the Pistons won the No. 1 pick, the Rockets won the second place, and the Cavaliers won the lottery. According to the arrangement, this year’s draft will be held on July 30. (Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more


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