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The 21-22 season was made official | National League

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The Competition Department of the Club Association announces the format and calendar for the 2021/22 season of its competitions, which was approved by the Sports Assembly held on Thursday, July 15. With the administrative dates set for the presentation of the pertinent documentation by the clubs, everything is aimed at resuming the activity in Argentine basketball in a campaign that will still be played under the uncertainty that afflicts the world in general and Argentina in particular as consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

The exciting National League that ended with a vibrant final between San Lorenzo and Quimsa will begin its 38 season next Wednesday, November 3, 2021. It will be the starting kick of a regular phase that will run until March 22 in which the 20 participating teams will face each other with home and away matches. Each club will play 38 games on a calendar that includes the tour system to optimize the trips of each of the teams and, given the pandemic situation, minimize the risks of contagion.

After the regular season, the first 12 casts in the standings will qualify for the post-season. Meanwhile, the teams that finish between positions 13 and 18 will have completed their participation, while the penultimate and last will be measured in the play out for remaining in the highest category of national basketball.

Already in the Playoffs, the first four of the general table will wait directly in the quarterfinals while the reclassification to the best of three games is celebrated. Both the quarterfinals and the semifinals will be decided on the best of five games, while the finals will be the best of seven games.

In tune with the start of the National League, the Development League will also begin. Held since 2015, the Development League is an initiative to encourage the participation of young people and the teams must be made up of two u23 players and the rest u21. In the Assembly last Thursday it was entrusted to create a commission made up of some clubs to determine the competition format.

In the 2021/22 season, the Super 20 will be played again, whose starting date is planned for September 24, 2021. It will be the championship that officially opens the season: the twenty teams will be divided into four groups of five members and the two first of each will qualify for Final 8.

The Women’s League, which has been organized since 2017, will be held again between October and December after the last successful edition that dedicated Deportivo Berazategui on March 22. Already in 2022, the tournament will be played again between February and April, while a third edition will take place between October and December.

In relation to competition at international competitions, and for the purposes of complying with the provisions of the second paragraph of article 5.3 of the annex to the competition regulations, which establishes that in the event that FIBA ​​grants new places for Argentine clubs, the ADC will determine the Classification of the same following the criteria of FIBA ​​BCLA concept clubs, the Club Association is working on a tool to determine a method of valuation of the clubs that allows establishing a ranking by weighing their participation in the different local competitions.

The Argentine League, which is still in dispute and whose winner will become the 20th participant in the National League by taking the place left by Baha Basket, also has a scheduled start date for next October 8 made up of teams that dream of be part of the elite of the national basketball.



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