STRAY KIDS Converse, what type of tennis do these idols wear?

K-Pop idols always dress in fashion and have the best outfits and looks, with STRAY KIDS idols there is no exception, because their clothes always have their own style; Although the ones that have attracted the most attention are the Converse used by these idols, do you know what they are?

We love to see STRAY KIDS performing on stage, the power, energy and dominance of the members of this band of K-Pop He is incredible and strong, his dancing and singing captivate us and their own stamp ends up collapsing the stage and conquering the audience without exception.

With a stamp of its own, SKZ has given all of itself, its 8 talented members have different styles, skills and personalities that together create an explosive and dominant formula that has given them achievements as in Kingdom, accumulating many fans who belong to STAY and gaining worldwide recognition thanks to all their talents.

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But it must also be recognized that fashion of the STRAY KIDS idols is amazing, their outfits thought from head to toe with every detail that only further highlights the physical characteristics of each idol It also highlights and shows us another facet of SKZ within fashion.

What Converse does STRAY KIDS wear?

We have seen the members of STRAY KIDS use a model of Converse, specifically, so many times that STAY has named this tennis model as the ‘unofficial’ Converse of SKZ, what are the Converse that STRAY KIDS wears called? It’s about the model Run Star Hike.

Apparently the 8 members of SKZ They have their Run Star Hike and they love them, and STAY has also decided to wear this type of tennis inspired by their idols favorites and how comfortable these shoes look.

How much do STRAY KIDS Converse cost?

The Converse Run Star Hike In Converse Mexico you can buy them for approximately $ 2,200 Mexican pesos, although in many stores they are sold out since this model It has become quite popular lately. Is it because of STRAY KIDS?

There are them in black and white but this second is the color that SKZ idols always wear, this is how these sneakers are part of their style and STAY is inspired by their favorite K-Pop singers to dress up and have a look as unique as the South Korean artists.

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