Spinazzola’s accusation of feigning injury, Courtois’s brother apologizes


Leonardo Spinazzola was seriously injured when Italy knocked out Belgium in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020. Thibaut Courtois’ brother, who accused him of faking it, apologized.

The Euro 2020 quarter-finals bring together Belgium vs Italy at the Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany, last weekend. Spinazzola was trusted by Roberto at left-back in the Gli Azzurri game from the start.

In that match, Spinazzola performed well to reduce the Belgian attack. However, he got bad luck, because of an injury in the 79th minute.

While chasing the ball, Spinazzola slowly stopped then limped off. He fell to the ground and groaned in pain.

Spinazzola apparently suffered a torn Achilles tendon in his left leg. The severe injury made the medical staff immediately enter the field.

When Leonardo Spinazzola received treatment, Thibaut Courtois’ sister, Valerie, even sneered. He said Spinazzola was just pretending, considering that Italy had already won 2-1 over Belgium.

“This is what we call the stalling trick,” he wrote on Instagram.

However, Spinazzola is a real injury, not fake. He was carried out on a stretcher, and received sympathy from many parties, considering his injury will take a long time to recover.

And Valerie finally retracted her words. The Belgian goalkeeper’s brother apologized and wished Spinazzola a speedy recovery.

“So sorry to know Spinazzola’s Euro ended like this,” Valerie wrote on her Instagram account.

“I apologize for my reaction at this time and I really wish him a good recovery,” he said.

Even though he can’t play for the rest of Euro 2020, Leonardo Spinazzola can be proud. Because, Italy qualified for the semifinals and will face Spain in the top four.

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