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Spalletti: ‘Insigne? We do not find the malformation, he will speak with De Laurentiis! Demme as Pizarro. I would like Koulibaly to stay in Naples … ‘| A league

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Second day of retreat in Dimaro for Naples. The team had a double training session between morning and afternoon. It’s time for the press conference of the new blue coach, Luciano Spalletti. These are his words:

THREE RULES – “We need to be able to instill trust in the players and bring a clear message to all team members. Then create something that is stimulating for them so that they recognize themselves in this thing by training with more pleasure, continually motivating themselves by collaborations, quality plays . In my opinion the rules, the most important qualities are part of the qualities of the players. We need players who are good at playing in the opponent’s trocar because I think that with someone like Osimhen in front of the other teams they choose to create density inside the half of the pitch. It’s in traffic. that then you have to be able to find the key to the problem. The coaches come accordingly. “

THE BEGINNING – “The feelings in general are the same as when I accepted to come on this bench. It is a source of pride, great responsibility and consequently we must then go and make choices but it is too early to sum up because there are no champions and those who we have confirmed the qualities we all know. So we look forward to having the whole group available “.

FANS IN DIMARO – “We must be grateful to those who support us especially if they go to spend their holy holidays to come and stay close to you, try to motivate you and make you feel their support away from Naples. We need the warmth of our fans but we must remember that we must deserve it. This is why we greet the fans every time “.

THE NATIONAL – “I am sure that many will go and get us some knowledge from the behavior of the national team because it was a complete behavior, it did not always do the same thing and the choices were of the team, of the group. Even when he had to put himself in the corner of the ring because the opponent was hitting harder at that moment he chose where to make him throw the shots and overturn the situation at the right time. I always say that the players are fundamental, but in this case Mancini put his part in it and compliments should be paid to him “.

OSIMHEN – “It will be a point where we will lean on, a strength of the team because he is a complete player from all points of view. In addition to being able to score, he puts other things into the game because it is a box that must be filled with things and he He puts them all. Above all fighting for his teammates and it is very important for the rest of the group because if he starts we can all see it. It is clear that he must improve even in some points and we try to stimulate him and work on these points and this is where we find an important answer like today where we offered him a certain type of work and he did not bend, giving availability and executing. Better than that “.

CORPORATE COACH – “In my opinion it is correct to say that I am a business manager. Then I am not going to create problems in a community where I have to work, but we have to bring issues forward together and then find solutions together with the club, together with the owner of Napoli. I don’t have to create debts for him. absurdities that ruin the situation. It is clear that we try to optimize the maximum without going to throw away anything that is possible to do. It does not bother me because I think we should do this “.

MODULI – “To be stimulating it must be a Napoli that creates surprises even for the opponents. It becomes stimulating for us and less controllable for the others. I think that then the 4-2-3-1 manages to give balance in both phases, the 4-3-3 is very similar because it is enough to move the top. Then, however, in the possession phase you have to do something more. The big clubs exploit the laterality of the attacking front and inside jugglers who have the quality of replacing the roles. it’s always there, don’t stand on the defensive line. “

GROUP – “I found a Napoli as I imagined it. There are still many players missing, almost all the national teams who will certainly make us comfortable and will embellish the thoughts of these players.”

BADGE – “I spoke to Lorenzo once on the phone and another time I sent him compliments. He seemed to me the captain I was seeing from the outside. You want to find the malformation in every way about the contract. We are facing the captain of Napoli , who has also proved his worth at the European Championships, and the president of Napoli. Two strong people who will have the time to look each other in the eyes and get to the point. Let’s not dig too deep, let’s get Lorenzo back and then everything becomes clearer without anticipating the dead “.

MARKET – “Work always affects because you spend many hours on the pitch and you have to create this brand, you have to show the intentions we have. When you play on Thursdays and Sundays, the players will not always give their best and the players will be fundamental, we will have to replace

GOALKEEPERS – “The pitfalls are around the corner, they can also happen to the goalkeepers, it can happen to all the components and the goalkeeper is part of those roles where we need two strong minds”.

MIDFIELDERS – “When the team attacks forward I ask them for many kilometers because they are the ones who bring home the most important numbers in terms of kilometers covered. Usually a player makes 11, 12 but a midfielder overruns these numbers. In addition he must be at available, always online, connected. The midfielder is not behind the ball, but inside. Then there are those who succeed more, those less. Demme is one who succeeds, Elmas too. They have this willingness to run and give a hand where there is need they throw themselves on equal footing. This is a characteristic of the team, wanting to be unique, finding stimuli and showing that they are friends. Lobotka I am pleased to see him because we observed his name when it was put on the market us at Inter. Gaetano is a talented player, we still have to evaluate. He says he wants to play as an attacking midfielder but looking at him well he can also be the one who goes back five meters, builds.

YOUNG PEOPLE – “” We must always keep in touch between what are the innovations from the youth sector and the objectives to be achieved. Here it is a question of bringing out a champion because it must be convenient for Napoli, which must aspire to important results. Tutino is strong, we are on his side. There are the champions, the extra samples and the samples. We will be attentive to some situations “.

THE SQUARE – “In the past, I would have changed the shape of the pitch. We made a square on the pitch because it comes in handy when we play games from the middle of the pitch to the goal. The lines are a reference for defender and goalkeeper.”

KOULIBALY – “He is a player that everyone would like to have. He is a vice captain, the team has many, like Mertens for example. If it is for me he stays in Naples because it is difficult to find a replacement, he is highly appreciated by all teammates. I realized that he talks constantly on the pitch, so compliments are made to him for the professionalism of the man, the player and even when he enters the locker room and says nothing, everyone respects his presence for what he has shown and imposed without having to to say anything to his teammates. The couple with Manolas allows us to attack highs because in the open field they are fast. We will have to perfect the ‘escape’ but they allow you to do everything. We need to improve on the construction because if they wait for you you have to propose the they have already shown they know how to do it. I agree when we did work on the line this morning and I’m glad they are interested “.

DEFENSIVE LINE TRAINING – “It’s like training other departments for which you try to do it in the correct way. The players must be involved in what is a project, a speech because they must feel an integral part. The defensive line, trained well, scores goals if it does not participate the rest of the team “.

THE TERZINO – “It’s early, let’s evaluate Ghoulam well, what will be. For now everything seems to be going well, otherwise we’ll need a left-back. Di Lorenzo is an engine, but when we talk about good players we need to recover. Malcuit has an important race, this one. blaze in attacking the flag. Mario Rui has technique, he takes the position most congenial to him. If you force him to do the defensive phase all the time he gets a bit in trouble “.

JOINTS – “My notes during training? Actually I scribble (laughs, ed). Giuntoli and De Laurentiis make my work easier, having them here is important. Here important decisions are made for the whole championship, which is why we are always close” .

DEMME – “In my opinion he is already the Pizarro of Roma in Napoli because he knows how to stay in the game, combine the short game with the launch. I told him that in England whoever turns his head the most wins a prize and seeing where I don’t look is a characteristic. he has to turn his head more, these sudden steps behind his back “.

TARGET – “Combining Champions League qualification and downsizing? I think I can. There are objectives and financial obligations to which you account. It is clear that to settle the accounts the outcome is to arrive in the Champions League. You have to consider everything, the president knows” .

YOUNG OR EXPERT GOALS? – “Change little, as long as they are strong, you are what you do”.

FLORENZI – “On the right we have two full-backs who make us feel good even though Alessandro is strong. If I’m here to coach Napoli it’s also a bit of his merit.”

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