Sebastián Raffaelli died and Argentine basketball was shocked

Sebastián Raffaelli He died this Thursday at the age of 43 after having fought the coronavirus for more than a week. And the basketball world was shocked. It is that he is not only the son of Carlos, the legendary Chocolate who shone in the 70s and 80s, but also knew how to forge his history first on the parquet, although it was not easy for him due to the weight of his surname, and later he dedicated himself fully to the representation of basketball players.

Basketball was the passion of his life beyond the fact that, according to the specialized site Básquet Plus, he had already stopped practicing it, even in the bites with his friends, due to some problems with his knees. He had found a new way to stay active in cycling.

His sudden departure, a few days after contracting Covid, generated an endless chain of pain in the basketball environment. From Obras, the club where he knew how to be a player in minor categories, to the Players Association, passing through old colleagues and different institutions where he approached some of the basketball players he represented.




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