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say that we will have to buy it again with number 6 at the start of the school year …

by archysport

It’s summer, the sun is coming (we can believe it) and the NBA jerseys will soon be out on the beach. Perfect timing for the League, which has just released the best-selling jersey ranking for this second part of the season, the fan’s favorite ranking after the Top 100 All-Time (self-promotion you say?). Come on, let’s take a little tour of this ranking to see which names will come up most often on the jerseys vacationers. Attention, there is suspense for the first place (no).

Years go by in the NBA, and in the end, it’s LeBron James who sells the most jerseys. In Cleveland, Miami or LA, the King seems unbeatable in this ranking. And that can be understood, because between the die hard fan of the King, the young people who start basketball and wear it for training, and the footballer who buys the jersey of the only player he knows because it’s stylish, it still makes a lot of sales in so few of examples. Especially since his future change of number may still boost the sales of his jerseys next season. Behind, it is Giannis Antetokounmpo who takes second place in this ranking. It makes a lot of people who no longer have an excuse to make a mistake in the spelling of their last name. And, who knows, these NBA Finals could allow him to overtake BronBron, just like Devin Booker who could climb in this ranking, he who made a meteoric rise this year and finds himself in 6th place (thank you CP3). To complete this podium alongside LBJ and the Greek Freak, we find Kevin Durant and you can imagine, he is not the only one of the Brooklyn Nets in this Top 10 since he is accompanied by his friends Kyrie and James, respectively. in 8th and 9th place. For the rest of the standings, be careful, they all shake the nets. Between Luka – cover of 2K22 and 4th at the sale of jerseys in three pro seasons, respect – Jayson Tatum 5th is smooth all that. Without forgetting our favorite snipers Stephen Curry, who goes down to 6th place in this ranking, and Damian Lillard who brings up the rear in this Top 10. Note the absence of the MVP in person Nikola Jokic and his dolphin Joel Embiid or a few little ones names like Kawhi Leonard, Bradley Beal, Trae Young, or even the jazz duo Donovan Mitchell – Rudy Gobert. Like what, we can see that the ranking is based solely on the level of the players over the season and not at all on the hype (lol). Besides, speaking of hype, where is our good Zion?

As always, our friends from across the Atlantic have also released the team jersey sales ranking. Spoiler: still no trace of the Kings or the Pistons in this Top 10. Obviously, who says LeBron first, says Lakers in first position, well helped by AD also necessarily. After the Gens du Lacs, we find the Nets superteam. At the same time, when you put together sales of Harden – KD – Kyrie swimsuits, it quickly figures. Behind Brooklyn, we find the two finalist teams, the Suns in 3rd and the Bucks in 4th. Two teams that we are used to finding well classified without necessarily big results, they are the Bulls and the Knicks, respectively in 5th and 6th place, but when we see the seasons carried out by LaVine and Randle, we understand that the popularity of the franchise is not the only sales factor this year. To complete this ranking, we find the Sixers in 7 (thank you Ben and Jojo), the Celtics in 8, the Warriors in 9 and last in this Top 10… the Raptors. It’s not necessarily their sexiest season, but it’s still the franchise of a whole country no matter what. Far from their team, relocated to Florida because of COVID, we can therefore imagine that our Canadian friends needed to show their support for the 2019 NBA champions. In any case, still no sign of the Jazz in the first positions despite their first place in the Western Conference. As the other would say, no one takes Jazz on 2K, and obviously their jerseys aren’t the most sought after either.

As usual, this ranking does not reveal much, except to make a update on the rating of the various franchises and players in the League with the general public, but it always makes us laugh to see some surprise guests creeping into the rankings, or the best NBA players being completely skipped (sorry Nikola…).

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