‘Racquet Boys’ Kang Seung-yoon joins as a badminton genius… comeback ending

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Ahn Tae-hyun = ‘Racquet Boys’ Kang Seung-yoon joined as badminton genius Kang Tae-sun.

In the 12th episode of the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Racquet Boys’, which was broadcasted at 10 pm on the 6th, Yoon Hae-gang (Tang Jun-sang)’s injury condition was discovered by Lee Yong-tae (Kim Kang-hoon)’s mistake. In the final team match, he was defeated.

Coach Cheon (Heo Seong-tae) told Yoon Hyeon-jong (Kim Sang-kyung) not to interfere with the group training as promised. Hae-kang Yoon and Lee Yong-tae continued preparing for their solo exhibition in an awkward atmosphere, and Hae-kang Yoon called Yong-tae Lee and said, “It’s okay,” and then he exhorted that he was relieved because he could make the match easier. Lee Yong-tae burst into tears with regret and gratitude.

And on the day of the boys’ individual competition that followed, Bang Yun-dam (Seon Sang-yeon), Na Woo-chan (Choi Hyun-wook), and Lee Yong-tae became the entry members, while Yoon Hae-kang and Jeong In-sol (Kim Min-ki) battled for one place remaining. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Jeong Insol burned his will, saying, “I will do my best to win.”

However, Yoon Hae-kang noticed that Jeong In-sol made a deliberate mistake at the last minute and helped him. Jung In-sol, who was a grown-up and silent supporter of his teammates, brought out the candid intentions of “I also want to play in the boys’ sports competition” in front of his father, Jeong Eui-won (Hong Seo-joon), and made the viewers cry like a child.

Finally, the ending in which Tae-sun Kang (Kang Seung-yoon), a genius who suddenly left the world of badminton with director Bae, reveals a silhouette in the dark, caused goosebumps. Expectations for a new story to come have been amplified as to why Kang Tae-sun came back to Haenam West, and what kind of affair with director Bae would be resolved.




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