Patrick Moster is sent home

Radsport official Patrick Moster is now sent home early after his racist derailment. One day late, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) decided that the sports director of the Federation of German Cyclists (BDR) had to leave the Olympic Games.

“The delegation management of Team D at the Olympic Games in Tokyo decided on Thursday that Patrick Moster will no longer perform his duties as part of the cycling team in Team D and will leave for Germany in the near future. This decision was preceded by a detailed consultation with the delegation management and a renewed hearing of the person concerned, in which both the process and the consequences for Team D were discussed, ”said the DOSB’s announcement on Thursday.

“We remain convinced that his public apology for the racist remarks he made yesterday is sincere. With this derailment, however, Mr. Moster violated the Olympic values. Fair play, respect and tolerance are not negotiable for Team D, ”said DOSB President and Tokyo delegation leader Alfons Hörmann according to the announcement.

In the Olympic individual time trial, Moster caused a scandal when he cheered on Nikias Arndt from Cologne with racist words to catch up with Azzedine Lagab from Algeria and Eritrean Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier. Moster shouted: “Get the camel drivers, get the camel drivers, come on.” The words were easy to understand through the external microphones of the TV stations. Moster had apologized for his choice of words, and there had been a clarifying discussion with the DOSB. The day after, the association announced the consequences.




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