Patrice Evra pokes fun at England in hilarious film…

Patrice Evra has made herself heard again. After the ex-Manchester United player provoked City fan Liam Gallagher a few months ago, he can’t help but have a good laugh with England. After first singing along firmly to the tones of Praise You Dressed in an English jersey and with a wig, Evra addresses the English football fans.

“This is what everyone has been waiting for so long,” Evra shouts, wearing a suit fish and chips in hand. “The last time England won a trophy, the dinosaurs were still alive. So come on, you can do it.” Then shake his pack of chips and claim that the fish is alive. “Come on England, come on! Coming home, coming home! Fish and chips, fish and chips!”

He remains an amusing fellow, that Evra.

The video:



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