Park Hyo-joo’s eyes with deep pain… The story of the past is the Racquet Boys

‘Racquet Boys’ / Photo = Provided by Milky Way Entertainment

The stills of the city wife that catches the eye with the deep eyes of Park Hyo-joo of ‘Racquet Boys’ have been released.

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Racquet Boys’ (played by Bo Bo-hoon, directed by Jo Young-kwang) is a challenge for the ‘Racquet Boys’ who dream of becoming a badminton-based idol, and it is a real growth drama of sixteen boys and girls in a rural area at the end of the land. The warm and pleasant clean story in which adults and children grow together, evoking empathy and laughter, is firmly holding the No. 1 spot for 10 consecutive Monday-Tuesday dramas.

In addition to the 16 boys and girls in ‘Racket Boys’, there is a story about the residents of the end of the earth who are loved by viewers. In particular, the adaptation period of an urban couple who decided to die for some reason and returned home is a story of adults growing up, delivering a calming message of emotion and comfort every time.

In addition, in the last week’s broadcast, in the conflict with the new lady (Baek Ji-won), clues to guess the past story of the city’s wife (Park Hyo-joo), which had not yet been revealed, were mentioned, raising the curiosity of many people.

In the released stills, Hyo-Joo Park is gazing at one place with a mixture of sadness and suffering, drawing attention. In particular, a mysterious place that has not been seen before and a sophisticated trench coat outfit contrast with the expression of deep pain, raising curiosity.

In this regard, in the 11th episode of ‘Racquet Boys’, which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 5th, the past story of the city wife, which has aroused viewers’ curiosity from the first appearance, will be revealed, and it is expected to achieve a deep consensus with viewers again.

The 11th episode of ‘Racquet Boys’, which will tell a richer story with Park Hyo-joo’s performance, deeply immersed in the hearts of viewers, will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 5th.

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