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Olympia 2021: Usain Bolt – “A lot of people got me down”

by archysport

VOily relaxed, he sits there on his sofa, leans on his thighs and greets from his living room in Jamaica into the camera of his laptop. Usain Bolt, one of the sport’s superstars, is honored to be interviewed. And it appears relaxed, informative and grounded.

WORLD ON SUNDAY: Mr. Bolt, what is more demanding: training for a gold medal at the Olympics or fathering three children?

Usain Bolt: Difficult to say, but being a father is of course now taking over the main role in my life. It is really a full time job, there are no breaks. The twins are still very young, they want to be fed, they want to be swaddled, they keep screaming. You have to have everything under control, even when everything around you is in motion. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I also enjoy it a lot. It’s a great experience.

WORLD ON SUNDAY: Is there anything you can learn from your children?


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