NBA star wanted to vaccinate an entire country

NBA star wanted to vaccinate an entire country

Jusuf Nurkic claims to have lost several family members to the corona virus.

So the Portland Trail Blazers Center set itself a task that was vital. He wanted to get COVID-19 vaccine for his home country Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I tried to buy it for the whole country. I made up the money, the plan and everything else. But we still can’t do it,” Nurkic said loudly ESPN.

NBA star wanted to help homeland

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been hit by the virus with over 200,000 confirmed infections and 9,600 deaths. However, access to vaccine is still very limited.

“They only have donations, but not enough to vaccinate people,” said Nurkic. He continued, “Even if we find vaccines, I think United States law says they can’t be sold until the American people are vaccinated. So, I don’t know what else to do. I have it.” really tried. “

It is even more difficult to know how much vaccine supply remains unused in the US, said the NBA professional. “All of these countries are suffering, and the United States, obviously number one in the world, has the vaccines and people don’t want to get vaccinated,” he complained.

Nurkic: “Humanity has somehow failed”

“I just have the feeling that human kind has failed because all countries here should get at least some of these vaccines, right?” The basketball star continued.

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Nurkic’s grandmother contracted Corona last July just as the NBA bubble started in Florida. “After 17 days she had survived the COVID. Then, on the 19th day, she had a heart attack. It was incredible,” recalled the 26-year-old.

Nurkic received the news while sitting on the bus for a game. “At that point, I wished I could just take a plane to go to the funeral,” he says. “If I could do it all over again, I would probably do it. It’s difficult when you’re really far away.”



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