“more than positive season, thank you all”

As is well known, Riccardo Eliantonio will not be the coach of the Crema Basketball next season; the coach leaves after an excellent year, tainted in the final by the wave of covid that undermined the rosanero’s approach to the playoffs.

Coach, after such a championship we expected to see you again on the Cremasca bench.
Objectively, the company made me an excellent offer from an economic point of view but for just one year, I would have wanted a project that looked to the future, not just the immediate; I thought about it and in the end, albeit reluctantly, I declined. I am sorry that for obvious reasons it was not possible to play with the public, I hope I showed a good basketball, the one I like; I thank everyone, club, staff, players and fans, I leave with a smile.

A very good super cup, in which for half the game you frightened Bernareggio, who later won the trophy.
Yes, the preseason was needed to get to know each other, to get in shape and begin to assimilate our system, we showed good things; shame about the many injuries that arrived immediately in the first months and above all I am very sorry for Tommaso Bianchi, he was the perfect player to enter and he too was seriously injured after very few games.

What are the matches that remain in your heart?
I would certainly say the victory in Agrigento, a team with a sensational quintet, was a long away match and that victory gave us confidence, it made us understand that we could compete with everyone; to this I add the housewife with Bernareggio, net of everything that happened in the end, and the one obtained in Pavia, which was very fast and we showed a great character to take those two points.

The worst defeats instead?
Without a doubt the match played in Bologna, we really didn’t arrive there, I still don’t know why; even the defeat suffered at Torrenova left me very bitter in my mouth because we squandered a considerable advantage.

Speaking of bitterness in the mouth, probably even the playoffs leave some.
There is a bit of regret, I would have liked to get to race 5, I think the boys deserved it after a month of great suffering.

Doesn’t it seem strange to have a free summer after so many years?
Let’s say it’s part of the risks of this job; for now I am stopped, I am considering some proposals and I am waiting to find the right project for me.




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