Missed Penalty in Euro 2020 Final, Sancho: Worst Feeling of My Career


Jadon Sancho was devastated after his failure to convert a penalty contributed to England’s loss. Sancho apologizes, especially to the fans the Three Lions.

The 21-year-old winger was one of three England kickers to fail in a high-five against Italy in the final of Euro 2020 last weekend. Sancho released a low shot whose direction the ball could be guessed by goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. In the end, Italy confirmed themselves as champions after Bukayo Saka’s penalty kick was also saved.

This failure made England’s wait for a major tournament title even longer. The only title that England won before was the 1966 World Cup or 55 years ago.


“I’ve had a few days contemplating Sunday’s final and still have mixed emotions,” Sancho wrote on Instagram.

“I want to say sorry to all my team-mates, the coaching staff and especially all the fans that I let down. This is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my career. Even the feelings are difficult to put into words, but there are so many positives to take from this tournament even though that defeat will be painful for a long time.”

“What I think first every time I play a football game is always ‘What can I do to help my team? How am I going to create an assist? How am I going to score goals? How am I going to create chances? And that’s what I really wanted to do with that penalty, to help. team.”

“I’m ready and confident to take the penalty. Those are the moments you dream about as a kid, that’s why I play football. It’s a stressful situation that you want as a footballer,” continued the Borussia Dortmund player.

“I’ve converted a lot of penalties before at club level. I’ve trained a lot for both club and national team so I opted for a corner but this time it didn’t work. We all have the same ambition. We want to take the trophy home,” said Sancho. .

Marcus Rashford became another missed England penalty taker. The three players were then targeted by their own fans, some of whom made racially harassing comments.

“I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see the racial abuse I received with Marcus and Bukayo after the game, but sadly this is nothing new. As a society we must do better, hold these people accountable. Hatred will never win,” Sancho added.

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