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Michael Jordan’s Wildest Revenge: “Remember me now, African?” “

by archysport

As great a trash-talker as he is a basketball player, Michael Jordan has been delighting for years with tasty anecdotes about his sense of verbal provocation and revenge when necessary. We invite you to enjoy this new story, told by Marc J. Spears of ESPN. An absolute treat.

The name Makhtar N’Diaye may ring a bell, he who has passed through several French clubs after training in the NCAA and a very short run in the NBA. But the biggest highlight of the Senegalese career, unfortunately for him, is to have been savagely punished by Michael Jordan, in two stages, for having dared to provoke him. ESPN’s Marc J. Spears tells the story in a new issue of “Hoop Stories,” which is:

When Makhtar was in North Carolina (between 1995 and 1998, note), he was in a great team, with Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison and others. One day in training, legendary coach Dean Smith comes home and says, “Ok guys, get in line: I’ve got someone to meet you who doesn’t need to be introduced.”

Everyone lines up, and Michael Jordan walks into the gym. Michael goes through the players one by one, shakes their hands and asks them what their names are. “Hello, my name is Antawn Jamison”. “Hello, my name is Vince Carter”. Et cetera, et cetera. Makhtar purposely goes to the end of the line, to be last. Jordan comes to his level, shakes his hand and says, “What’s your name?” »The other answers:« My name is Makhtar N’Diaye… and you? Jordan is a little confused. He replies: “Michael”.

He continues: “You don’t have to watch the NBA a lot, where are you from? “Makhtar replies that he is from Senegal, and Jordan says:” I see, it is true that they do not broadcast a lot of NBA in Africa “. Michael Jordan leaves, and Makhtar tells him: “By the way, Hakeem Olajuwon is the best player in history”. MJ looks at him, gets angry, and walks out of the gym. He returned 10 minutes later in training gear, ready to play. He said to Dean Smith: “Give me your worst players, put them on my team, and I play against your stars and him.” Michael Jordan destroyed everyone. He’s been trying to dunk on Makhtar the whole time. He did what he had to do, and he left.

Many years later, N’Diaye and Antawn Jamison are at the Super Bowl in Miami trying to get into an ultra-select club. No way, it was only for celebrities of very, very high standing. They are outside, wondering how they are going to get in, and Michael Jordan arrives at one of the balconies. Makthar sees it: “Mike! Mike! Can you help us get home? “

Jordan looks down, and says, “Oh, do you remember my name now African?” “. He turns on his heels and immediately returns to the club.

What more can be said ? Michael Jordan in all his glory, in the pantheon of trash-talking. Makhtar N’Diaye, he must still have nightmares!

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