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Matteo Maestrello, goodbye to basketball. The tears and the promise to the father

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Matteo Maestrello lifts the trophy after the championship victory (Maschietto)

He had promised his father, a few hours before the last farewell and to take the field for the semifinal for promotion to Serie B. So after driving his Jesolo to the championship victory, Matteo Maestrello, Venetian basketball player born in 1981 he decided to permanently hang up his boots. “Why is it time to quit? – says “Corn” as friends and opponents call him on and off the pitch – I’m 40, a daughter on the way, Giovanni is getting older every day, he is now eight years old and the responsibilities begin to be many as a parent. And then when I take the stairs to go to work I hurt everywhere ”.

The promise to the father

But the real motivation is much deeper, and leads to something that is worth much more than basketball: “It’s the promise made to my dad Renato – confides Maestrello – I started playing basketball with him at the age of nine. When my friends chose football as a sport to practice I was following them too with them. But mom Serenella and dad Renato taught me that when you give your word you must always keep it. I finished the year then I made my choice to marry basketball instead of football. I was right to listen to my parents ”. A promise made in the most difficult moment for a son: “That Friday of the semifinal with Oderzo I went to greet my dad in the hospital at lunchtime. I had made him a promise: to win the championship and then I would have retired, because without him following me everywhere I would not have been able to continue playing. He was always present in the gym when I played now that he is no longer there, it no longer makes sense to continue. With him I started, without him I finish ”.

The career from Treviso to Jesolo

Maestrello’s was an incredible career, and full of satisfaction with the many shirts dressed: Treviso, Imola, Bologna, Novara, Reggiana, Matera, Reyer, Brindisi, Caorle and finally his beloved Jesolo. “When I took leave of my teammates it was after the match with Oderzo. I told them I was leaving basketball but I knew the handover was in good hands. Serie B is a very difficult category. Closer to A2 than C Gold in level of play. I am sure that they will give their all and that they will not back down. I believe I gave everything I had in my body to the team from my city. I finished my professional career and returned to Jesolo to play with my brother. First he was my captain, then I was his ”.

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