Judo 28th roundup: Arai Chizuru wins another gold for Japan and Georgia’s first gold_Cauley

Original Title: Overview of Judo on the 28th: ​​Arai Chizuru wins Georgia’s first gold for Japan

Sohu Sports News Beijing time on July 28th, the Tokyo Olympic Judo event launched the fifth match day. In the women’s 70 kg judo final, Arai Chizuru of Japan defeated Austrian Polly Les and won the gold medal. Russia’s Temaso La and the Dutch player Van Dijk won the bronze medal. In the men’s 90 kg judo final, Georgia’s Bikauli defeated Germany’s Tripper to win the gold medal, Uzbekistan’s Poponov and Hungary’s Tus won the bronze medal.

The men’s 90 kg judo final was held between Georgia’s Bicauli and Germany’s Tripper. At the beginning of the match, Tripper succeeded in falling down his opponent in succession, but failed to subdue the opponent in the contest of sleeping skills. Can score. Entering the middle of the game, Bicauley took the lead with a hook to get the skills first. Although in the second half of the game, Trippel launched a fierce attack on Bicauli and allowed Bicauli to get a guided foul because of passive defense, but Bicauli still won the gold medal by defeating his opponent with a skillful score.

The women’s 70 kg judo final was contested between Japanese star Arai Chizuru and Austria’s Polly Les. After the start of the match, Arai Chizuru launched a fierce attack on Polly Les. Polly Les was exhausted and soon Arai Chizuru got the skill through a small foreign squad, Polly Les got a guided foul because of passive defense, and finally Arai Chizuru defeated the opponent with a skill and scored to win the gold medal.Return to Sohu to see more


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