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Isaiah Thomas Gets Destroyed After His Puffy Tweet

by archysport

Still a free agent, Isaiah Thomas is still hoping to find a franchise for next year. In the idea, the leader even hoped to be with Team USA to revive at the sight of his message. A daring tweet, which above all seems to have made people laugh on the web. Some internet users quickly made fun of the little elf.

Without a team since his very short adventure with the Pelicans (3 games), Isaiah Thomas has not given up on his dream of returning to the NBA. You’ll have to be patient and wait for an opportunity this summer, but anything is possible in the league, especially if a franchise needs to find a scorer. But can former Celtic still be level? Saw her recent teasing, The answer is clearly yes.

However, IT recently stood out with a tweet to Team USA. It is not clear if he was serious, but he did send a message to show that he was present in Las Vegas, if ever Gregg Popovich needed his services. So obviously, the web had fun with all that and as you have to laugh sometimes, here are the best reactions.

“Team USA: Who cares”

They want good players with Team USA

Then they want to win matches

NBA player: * die on the floor *

Isaiah Thomas: “Looks like this team is going to need another creative leader 👀 I’m here if ever 🤷🏿‍♂️”

No, Isaiah Thomas doesn’t just have friends on the Twitter side. It must be said that his last tweet goes badly, and the Internet is not joking on the subject. It is better to keep quiet about the leader for a while.

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