I Memorial ‘Corti’: a tournament for “a good friend”

The first edition of the 'Corti' Memorial was a great gathering of golf lovers in tribute to a journalist who promoted his sport in Bizkaia.

The first edition of the ‘Corti’ Memorial was a great gathering of golf lovers in tribute to a journalist who promoted his sport in Bizkaia.

More than 150 golfers competed this Saturday at the Meaztegi course in memory of EL CORREO journalist José Manuel Cortizas

Dozens of fans, a field in perfect condition, clouds like parasols and an excellent temperature made this Saturday the
I Memorial José Manuel Cortizas in a round day. The tribute to ‘Corti’, a journalist from EL CORREO who died last February due to the covid, took place at the Meaztegi course in La Arboleda, where they wanted to remember an information professional who collaborated intensely in the promotion of golf in Bizkaia .
156 fans competed, divided into 39 teams, in addition to a group of professionals. all of them completed the circuit.

There was no shortage of friends and experts in this sport who met ‘Corti’. Among them
Ángela Rodríguez, Jon Rahm’s mother, whom the journalist followed in international championships. Angela wanted to remember someone “with a big heart, an excellent person.” «She stopped being a journalist to become a good friend. Let’s have a good time playing games and remembering a friend. It seems perfect to me that this tournament has been held ”, he added.

The mother of the US Open champion was part of the quartet completed by Miguel, Alejandro Durán and David Rodríguez. The last two draw up the ‘Ten Golf’ website, a complete vademecum on current events in this sport, and they expressly traveled from Seville to take part in the I Memorial ‘Corti’. This group was visited by
June, the journalist’s daughter, while facing the start of the tour. “Due to the pandemic and the confinement, people want to go outdoors, and what better than to play golf in a very beautiful place, designed by Severiano Ballesteros, and that is public. The important thing is to enjoy the day, ”Angela said before taking her first blow.

The teams were marching down tee 1 with rigorous punctuality. The photo for the archive of the field respecting the sanitary distances, the explanations of the monitor Gonzalo about the rules of the tournament and the first jokes about the possibilities of success formed the ritual before launching to compete. The I Memorial ‘Corti’ was developed under a
atmosphere of total camaraderie, with teams formed between acquaintances or guests of some of its members.

Everyone can win

The tournament organization, led by the club manager, Carlos Roca, and the director of the Derio golf school that bears his name, Eduardo Celles, chose the ‘scramble’ mode to determine how to complete the course. All participants start from the tee, then choose the best placed ball and from there they all play the next stroke again, and so on until each hole is finished. Fans with different handicaps can play at the same time, which gives more opportunities to those with a lower level than the rest. “It is a modality that helps a lot, covers the shortcomings of the rookie and the one who is ‘malillo’ can enjoy as the most”, details Alberto, member of the team baptized as
‘Cheers’ along with Álvaro, Izaskun and Beni. They weren’t expecting to win, but they were “doing a decent lap, better than expected, and really enjoying it.”

Like the other golfers, the ‘Cheers’ went through the
barbecue that was enabled as a refreshment station at the end of hole 9. Along with the aroma of the embers, the quartets commented on the anecdotes that emerged until the middle of the tour. Already on the 10th hole, a par 3, it was possible to opt for one of the incentives of the ‘Corti’ Memorial, which rewarded the ball left closest to the flag with the first stroke. The next team tried, but only one of the four members managed to put the ball on the green, elevated on a plateau.

Among a myriad of styles and strokes, the participants helped each other to achieve the common goal. From the tee it was very important to “leave the ball on the fairway”, in a position that would favor the next impact. In some cases there were doubts as to who came out first. «Shoot in the middle of the street, which I have already sent to the left», Jose encouraged his teammates after sending the sphere beyond the limits of the field.




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