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How many 3 points has Shaq achieved in his 19-year career?

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Old fashioned big man, Shaquille O’Neal comes froma time when the pivots didn’t have to shoot at 3 points – and that’s good, since they didn’t know how to do it. By the way, how many award-winning shots has Diesel scored in 19 years of NBA career and more than 1,000 games? Find out the answer …

Shaquille O’Neal, in addition to being considered one of the best pivots in history, has a very rare CV in basketball history. Quadruple NBA champion, triple MVP of the Finals, 15 times All-Star, 8 times All-NBA First Team: the Big Cactus has done everything… or almost. Known for his notorious weakness in the shoot, Shaq has struggled his entire career on the throwing line (52.7%). As for the three-point shot, it’s even worse.

In 1,207 games played in the Big League, O’Neal attempted just 22 award-winning shots. How many did he succeed? Only one, while he was still playing at the Orlando Magic. It is therefore a real moment of history that we offer you below, at the half-time buzzer of a regular season game:

The gesture is ugly, the shoot too … but the essential is assured, since it fits into the circle. Obviously, this stroke of luck was not enough to push O’Neal to develop this weapon – he has never shot the slightest three-point basket in the playoffs, in 17 appearances and 216 postseason games. .

This shoot will therefore remain as a fun fact in the career of Shaq, who history will remember much more readily as an ultra-dominant player, terror of rackets. The proof :

Shaquille O’Neal therefore broke more baskets than he put in 3 points in his career: an extremely rare stat but in his image. Sacred Diesel!

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