Hamilton will be a Mercedes from summer: We are a long way from Red Bull


We’re far from Red Bull. We have enough work to do and we need all our hands to join. During the last two races, the team put on a change of change, while we did not bring anything at all, Hamilton told Autosport in the statement that the Mercedes representative had just told us that they had stopped the car development program for this season.

But it is necessary to add something new, otherwise we will have to get used to such results, Hamilton said.

The seven-time world champion did what he could to finish even as fast as possible in the second race on the track in Spielberg behind the sovereign Vestappen from Red Bull. Twenty laps before the end he rode to the kind of furnace. Jene paid for the technical sweat due to a crash into the curb at turn 1 and failed for both his dark colleague Valtteri Bottas and Land Norris of McLaren.

According to Tmot Wolff’s team, he was batting 30 points, which cost him about half a second per lap. I don’t think Lewis was to blame, Wolff said, saying he could play the role of nava dl. Hamilton wasn’t even aware of the mistakes.

I admit to admitting that I didn’t ride the curb more than ever, I also don’t know where it happened. But it’s a big code, Hamilton regretted, after he finished in the pot from the last five races outside the stage of vtz. After nine races, there is a difference of more than one point between one and Verstappen, the maximum number of points per race, and Mercedes also lost 44 points to the Red Bull rivals.

It drank to me as if Mercedes had hoisted you with a white flag, sm gave up its point and did not fight to the maximum of what it was, said for the BBC the former driver Jolyon Palmer. It was one thing to let Bottas overtake Hamilton, but to encourage him to do so? When was the last time the challenger had to relinquish the position of the duo’s darkness in the fight for the title? I didn’t see that, Palmer added.

Hamilton will have a long-term attempt at a dramatized World Championship in two weeks, when the attempt to end the series of soupee on the home track in Silverstone.




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