Guadeloupe continues its race towards the Gold Cup by winning its match f

The Gwada-Boys won by 2 goals to 0 this Saturday afternoon at the Fort Lauderdale stadium in Miami, United States, against the Bahamas national team.

The Gwada-Boys left no chance for their opponents in the Bahamas. The selection of Guadeloupe had to hold its own against the Bahamas national team. A team that will have surprised the Guadeloupeans who had the memory of its failures during these pool matches.
But since then, she has perked up and obviously well prepared for this match.

From the first half, she made a level playing field with the Guadeloupe team, dominating even during the first half hour of the match, forcing the Gwada Boys to draw on their resources to regain the psychological advantage of the match. A first penalty which they are denied after a contentious action against one of their own, even seems to galvanize them.

But at half-time, the counter still shows 0 everywhere.

In the second half, the Gwada Boys decide to take matters into their own hands. From the start, they occupied the Bahamian camp and were quick to show offensive. To the point of scoring for the first time, in the 60th minute, a goal by Matthias Phaëton which will be followed, in the 66th minute another goal scored this time by Raphaël Mirval.
Opposite, the Bahamians find no solution to force the Guadeloupe defense, leaving the field to the Guadeloupeans who choose to protect their gains until the final whistle.

On Tuesday, the Guadeloupe will meet in the next round the winners of the match between the Guyana team and that of Venezuela.



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