German handball players beat Brazil in the Olympic test

Mith a goal gala against Brazil, Germany’s handball players successfully passed the first Olympic test and fueled a lot of energy for Tokyo when the fans returned. At the start of the three-country tournament in Nuremberg, the DHB selection won the duel with the Olympic preliminary round opponent in front of 668 spectators on Friday evening with 36:26 (17:13) and set a clear example two weeks before the start of the summer games.

“I think it was a good game. I am very happy with some things. Above all, the defense was very good in the first 20 minutes, ”said national coach Alfred Gislason. However, he didn’t want to be too euphoric about looking ahead: “There are still a few things that we still have to fine-tune. There was still a lot that we had to do better. “

Although Gislason used the game for extensive testing, the fifth in the European Championship clearly dominated the event and gained self-confidence for the medal mission in Japan. The best German throwers were right winger Timo Kastening with seven goals and left winger Marcel Schiller (six). On Sunday the Olympic dress rehearsal against Egypt will take place at the same place. “It was a lot of fun to play in front of spectators again,” said Paul Drux from the Füchsen Berlin at Sport1. “We score 36 goals against such an offensive and difficult to play defense, so we can be satisfied.”

Drux puts pressure on the back room

“We had refreshing phases with a lot of speed and courage,” praised DHB sports director Axel Kromer at halftime. “It was clear to us beforehand that we weren’t playing consistently enough to rip something like this through from minute 1 to minute 60. That’s why I think we’re on the right track. “




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