Football Leaks: Rui Pinto stayed in the PJ prison on the recommendation of the minister

The Minister of Justice and the Director General of Prison Services determined that Rui Pinto would remain in preventive detention at the Judiciary Police (PJ) prison, said one of the guards heard this Thursday in the judgment of the ‘Football Leaks’ case.

According to the testimony of Álvaro Bernardino at the Central Court of Criminal Instruction, listed as a witness for the defense of the creator of the electronic platform, Rui Pinto served in preventive detention in the premises attached to the PJ’s headquarters, in Lisbon, “because the director general [de Reinserção e dos Serviços Prisionais, Rómulo Mateus] and the minister [da Justiça, Francisca Van Dunem] they said to stay there”.

The prison establishment of the Judiciary Police provides great security for detained individuals. It has to do with the threat assessment. The allocation is made according to the temporal evaluation”, underlined the head of the prison guards of that establishment, during the 37th session of the trial.

He added: “Upon arrival, the director general came to speak to me directly about the sensitivity of Rui Pinto’s entry into the prison, given the media coverage of the situation, as well as the supposed degree of threat that hung over him. This led to differentiated treatment.”

Álvaro Bernardino explained that a safety device was created for the creator of ‘Football Leaks’, in which he moved through alternative routes without contact with other prisoners. The situation was similar to “isolation” – although not formally, as he could have contact “with guards, director, family members and lawyers” – highlighting that the main defendant in this process “has always been polite and well treated” throughout that period.

What worried us was the safety of Rui Pinto”, observed the witness, noting that this device “lasted a few months” and ended up being “gradually relieved”. However, with the revelation of the ‘Luanda Leaks’ case, in January 2020, the head of the guards assumed that “the threat was again reassessed by the news” then released: “We made an internal report, in which the safeguard of integrity was placed. physics of Rui Pinto.”

The hearings of witnesses Nuno Ferreira and Francisco Louçã did not take place this Thursday, having been rescheduled for next week. The trial continues next Wednesday.

Rui Pinto, 32, is responsible for a total of 90 crimes: 68 of improper access, 14 of violation of correspondence, six of illegitimate access, targeting entities such as Sporting, Doyen, the law firm PLMJ, the Portuguese Federation of Football (FPF) and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), and also for computer sabotage to Sporting’s SAD and extortion, as attempted. This last crime concerns Doyen and it was also what led to the prosecution of lawyer Aníbal Pinto.

The creator of Football Leaks has been free since August 7, “due to his collaboration” with the Judiciary Police (PJ) and his “critical sense”, but he is, for security reasons, included in the program for the protection of witnesses in an undisclosed location and under police protection.



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