Home football Deportivo Cali beat Santa Fe in its Betplay League debut: match report, data and goals | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Deportivo Cali beat Santa Fe in its Betplay League debut: match report, data and goals | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

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Deportivo Cali won with a score by Jhon Vásquez in the first half, but Kelvin Osorio appeared at the auction to excite the ‘León’ with equality. Everything was not written. Andrés Balanta, who had been on the court for a few minutes, was in charge of sealing the 1-2, in the last minute of the game. Agonizing debut triumph!

Very early in the game, around 6 minutes, the VAR had to intervene for a possible red, after an offensive action that Jhojan Valencia cut off. In the end, he barely saw the yellow one. The game was frictionless and played in the middle of the court.

Santa Fe turned to the middle distance and cheered up with Neyder Moreno, who sent the ball over the crossbar. After that, the party leaned in favor of the sugar growers. First, Juan Camilo Angulo crashed a ball into the post, after a free throw charge. In less than ten minutes the goal came.

It all happened after a mistake by Santa Fe in the back area, when Cali launched the attack with all its artillery. Iván Villalba tried to clear a ball but it ended up in the power of Jhon Vásquez. After eluding Alejandro Porras and leaving Fainer Torijano on the road, the attacker settled down and took a right hand at the corner. A goal of great invoice to go to rest with the 0-1.

If the cardinals gave advantages in the first half, those who were almost wrong about the auction were the sugar players. They ended up losing a ball at the start and Jhon Velásquez put in a pass like “with his hand” to Kelvin Osorio, who caught the defense badly, and after lowering it from his chest, he took a right hand that evened the score.

Those of Harold Rivera, owners of the ball in the second half, continued in search of more and tried with Velásquez, from medium distance, but goalkeeper Guillermo de Amores drowned out the goal cry. With the entry of Sebastián Pedroza, who participated in the tying goal, and Jorge Luis Ramos, the ‘León’ managed to oxygenate.

When Santa Fe played better, Cali surprised Jorge Marsiglia in a set piece action with a header. However, the goal action was invalidated by out of place.

The Valle del Cauca team continued to insist and ended up unbalancing the balance in the last minute. Two men who had just entered were in charge of getting the 1-2. Gian Franco Cabezas put in a cross from the right that Andrés Balanta spliced ​​with his head. Ómar Rodríguez could do nothing to prevent the fall of his bow. The discomfort of Santa Fe, who had the tie in his pocket, was the joy of Cali, who took the first points home.

On the next day, those of Rivera will visit Bucaramanga, while those of Alfredo Arias will receive Medellín.


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