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Dak Prescott

The executive vice president of the Dallas CowboysStephen Jones opened up about the team’s worst mistake with one of its players in years. During an interview with Pat Doney, de NBC 5 DFW, Jones was asked about the worst mistake made when it came to setting up the squad.

“I would have offered Dak a better deal the first time, which would have been better for everyone,” Jones explained.

NFL quarterback salaries continue to rise, and the Cowboys learned the hard way after extending Prescott’s contract for four more years, worth $ 160 million. After trading for more than a year, Prescott received a contract premium of $ 66 million, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer. Technically, it is a 6-year contract for $ 240 million, and the last two years may be terminated.

Jerry Jones hinted that Dak Prescott was overpaid

When asked about Prescott’s contract, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did not dispute that the team “overpaid” the quarterback. One of the sensitive issues between Prescott and the Cowboys was the length of the contract, as the team wanted it to be longer.

“When I bought the Cowboys, in addition to all the things that were said, it was said how stupid I was for what I paid for the Cowboys,” Jones said in a press conference on March 10. “And I’m not exaggerating, everyone said so. Well, I was ripped off, I ended up owning the Cowboys. The truth is that for everything I paid more for, being ended up being something very special. Every time I wanted to get a bargain I did it. The team was a bargain for many reasons and it was not ordinary.

The Cowboys did not hesitate to offer Prescott a long-term contract, despite the fact that the quarterback has had twice ankle surgery. Prescott went back to work during previous training sessions and admits he’s tired of his fitness being talked about.

“I am past the injury,” Prescott said in June 2021, according to ESPN. “You know me guys, I have shown in every way that I want to look forward, I have already forgotten about the injury. And I think that you and the people around us also have to help me forget about the injury.

Dak talks about the Cowboys season: “It will be very special for us.”

Prescott is happy to talk about the season ahead for the Cowboys. The quarterback anticipates a “very special” season for the team.

“Improvement, much improvement from last year to this one, but much more even compared to the first five games of 2020”, le dijo Prescott a NBC 5 DFW. “Take those first five games and I tell you that we will play much better than then. We are going to play in a more complementary way, from defense to offense, to special teams, and that way we will have a healthy team. We have all approached the new season in the right way and we are very excited. We hope we can stay healthy and be able to add that to all aspects of this sport after all the effort we are making. We are excited. The season is going to be very special for us and for the Cowboys fans.

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