“COEDO KAWAGOE FC” aiming for J League from Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, concludes medical partner contract with MMT, a medical sports trainer group | Press release of COEDO KAWAGOE FC Co., Ltd.

COEDO KAWAGOE FC Co., Ltd. (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, President Kazuko Arita), which operates COEDO KAWAGOE FC, is a physiotherapist and judo rehabilitator who provides physical and mental support to everyone involved in sports. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a medical partner contract with MMT (Miyoshi Town, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Yu Yajima), a medical sports trainer group that has national qualifications for acupuncturists.

COEDO KAWAGOE FC is a new football club that was newly established in September 2020 and aims to join the J League with Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture as its home town.
It is run by members from Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, and has coaches with a track record of coaching in Spain and players with overseas play experience. We aim to be a club that continues to create excitement and lasts for over 100 years.

■ Background of contract conclusion

MMT representative Yajima expressed the enthusiasm and humanity of COEDO KAWAGOE FC Co., Ltd. representative Arita and director Nakajima, along with sympathy for the mission of “continuing to create dreams and emotions in Kawagoe through the football club and becoming a club that lasts for over 100 years”. I was attracted to this time because of my strong desire to support him.

■ MMT Representative Yu Yajima

“We will grow as sports trainers together with the players. Although the mountain to climb is high, all the staff will do their best to support COEDO KAWAGOE FC.
Aim for the summit! Vamos juntos‼ “


■ Comment by Kazuo Arita, President and CEO of COEDO KAWAGOE FC Co., Ltd.

“I had the opportunity to explain the club to Mr. Yajima, and while talking about various things, I myself was simply fascinated by the personality including my future thoughts and enthusiasm. Also, I formed a medical team. He supported the club through every match, practice, and action. I am convinced that it will be necessary as the heart of the team, although there may be few occasions when it hits the role and the day. We hope to continue to build strong relationships. “


Club Business Plan:

[Contact from the press regarding this matter]
Person in charge: Nakajima




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