Chris Brown insults Quavo after his basketball win

A little bit of trashthalking should appeal to NBA fans.

Basketball is a real religion across the Atlantic. If in Europe, football dominates head and shoulders, we are still very far from the crazy sums at stake in the NBA, or the price of the ticket in the first row during a game. A real business that has flooded all layers of American society, also affecting rappers, therefore. Between the references to the NBA, or the fact that some basketball players start rap, we can see that the bridges between the two universes are numerous. It is not Chris Brown who will say the opposite.

The artist, between two assaults on women, has obviously found the time to train in basketball, enough to remporter le Crew League Celebrity Basketball Tournament, an exhibition basketball tournament where non-pro celebrities compete against each other. In the post-match conference, once the final was won, Chris Brown challenged Quavo with some rather vulgar words, “Hey Quavo, get your ass over here, bitch”. A great lesson in effective trashtalking that NBA fans should appreciate.

It is also a nice way to revive the sporting rivalry between the two artists, who are perhaps, with J. Cole, the 3 best celebrities that we have seen in this kind of tournament. The rivalry between Chris Brown and Quavo in basketball has been going on for a while now, we hope to see them face off again soon!




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