Carlos Lorenzo Blanco and María Amparo Zapico prevail in the Oviedo-Gijón Trail

Carlos Lorenzo used 4 hours, 13 minutes and 26 seconds to complete the route no less than 17 minutes less than the second classified, Fernando Roza, from the Llamaello club, who set a time of 4 hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds. Third was Jorge Oca, from Gijón Atletismo, at 4.36.23, and who in turn was proclaimed champion of Asturias in the modality as he was the first Asturian to cross the finish line. For her part, María Amparo Zapico used 5 hours and 17 minutes to complete the route, also achieving a considerable advantage over Noelia ortiz, del Cronoastur, 5.33.42 and with Maria Ruiz Palasi from Team Oldpeak at 5.43.28. Zapico in turn hung the gold medal of the Asturias championship.

The Oviedo-Gijón Trail had two other distances, 18 and 7 kilometers. In the first, starting in Lavandera, the victory corresponded to Alba Mendiolagoita, of the Covadonga Group, on 2.06.09 and Arkaitz Galíndez, from the Artibay Mendigoizale Taldea, at 1.44.34. In the shortest distance and special promotion for under 18s the winners were Daniel Palacios, East Athletics, and Aroa Calvo, from Gijón Athletics.

Barreiro, fourth in the European sub-23


The Gijón Isa Barreiro has always been distinguished by her pride and competitiveness when a championship arrives, and yesterday she showed it again in the U23 European Championship in Tallin (Estonia). She was fourth in the 5,000-meter test, one place behind the medals, which were very expensive because three athletes were clearly superior to the rest by marks. At some point it was thought that she could overtake the Dutch Van Es, but she attacked 200 meters from the end and escaped. Federations Tournament. After a long absence, Asturias participated in Hospitalet in the Federations Tournament, where he was ninth.




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