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Brooks Koepka Continues To Fool Bryson DeChambeau

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Brooks Koepka was the most popular choice for punters before the British Open.

After two days, he is in a tie for 12th six strokes behind point guard Louis Oosthuizen.

However, it is not because of his game that Koepka has been talking about him since Friday afternoon. Rather, it’s because of his sense of humor and his rivalry with Bryson DeChambeau.

Koepka really doesn’t like DeChambeau

Brooks really likes to make fun of Bryson. Since the last text on this rivalry, he had made another point towards his rival. It was last July 1st when the shopping cart de DeChambeau had announced that he was leaving his post.

Moments after this announcement, Koepka tweeted that it was her appreciation day. shopping cart. He thanked him and said he was his best friend.

The publication had been around the web and Brooks Koepka obviously took a liking to it because he did it again on Friday at the British Open. To understand what happened on Friday, you have to go back to Thursday before.

Bryson crashes sponsor

Bryson DeChambeau’s first round was very disappointing (+1). When the reporters asked him how he explained this underperformance, he had been too honest. He replied that his driver was atrocious with a word more raw than that.

That might sound like a trivial comment, but you have to remember that guys like Bryson are paid very well by the club companies (Cobra in this case). So they’re not super happy when one of their spokespersons crashes the product so publicly.

A member of Cobra even came out to the media hours after the remark. This exit was notorious because the member in question was the one who had been the shopping cart of Bryson during the last tournament while waiting to find the permanent replacement. He therefore knows the player very well.

This representative compared it to an eight-year-old who is never happy. He explained that there is a whole team working for Bryson and he knows it. In fact, he also explained that what Bryson is asking for right now is downright unrealistic. Anyway, it’s not a perfect relationship and the golfer had to apologize on Friday morning.

Koepka doesn’t miss one

Following this whole situation, Brooks Koepka decided to laugh. After his second round, during which his driver was possibly his worst stick hitting just six of 14 lanes, Brooks was keen to say he really liked his driver.

It’s a simple, but effective tip. It is also a sign that we have not finished hearing about this rivalry and that is fine. It will definitely be a big story when they are teammates at the Ryder Cup.

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