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Bring Italy to Euro 2020 Champion, This Player Is Still Unemployed : Okezone Bola

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TURIN – Giorgio Chiellini’s heart is troubled. On the one hand, he is happy because he has just brought Italy to the Euro 2020 title, but on the other hand, Chiellini is sad because he is without a club.

Giorgio Chiellini’s contract with Juventus expires on 15 July 2021 Italian time. However, until now, there has been no offer of a contract extension from Juventus.

Chiellini’s agent, Davide Lippi, admits that he still has not received an offer, either from Juventus or other clubs. However, he indicated that Juventus would be the top priority.

“First, they have to make an offer. As of now, there is still no offer at all. We are still waiting for a call from Juventus. Only then did we sit down and talk,” Lippi was quoted as saying Brand, Thursday (15/7/2021).

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Lippi admitted that he couldn’t believe Juventus would not give an extension. Moreover, Chiellini has shown a really good game at Euro 2020.

The Italian national team captain managed to carry out his duties well during the 2020 European Cup. He was able to show a solid defense with Leonardo Bonucci to bring Italy to win the 2020 European Cup at Wembley Stadium, London, England, Monday 12 July 2021 early morning WIB.

Giorgio Chiellini

“He was a symbol of Juventus for many years. We are still waiting for the club to contact us. He is the only player on a free transfer in the Italian national team.”

“To think Chiellini doesn’t play is crazy. What keeps him motivated is his passion. We all saw that his enthusiasm for Euro 2020 was huge,” Lippi said.

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