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[Best 8 decisions]Summer high school baseball Chiba tournament Aiming to enter the top 8 Sparks | Ciba Tele + Plus

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[Best 8 decisions]Summer high school baseball Chiba tournament Sparks aiming for 8th place

“Summer High School Baseball Chiba Tournament” has reached the 5th round on the 10th day of the tournament. On the 17th, the best 8 was played, and a fierce battle was fought in the heat of summer. Seed schools also scattered sparks.

First, the first match of Kashiwanoha, Narashino (B seed) vs Nippon Sport Science University Kashiwa (C seed).

Narashino has been doing well since the start, and in the bottom of the first attack, he scored 9 points at a stretch with a 3-run home run of No. 2 Norimatsu. Although he allowed 2 points in the following 2nd inning, Narashino continued to score steadily and the match ended at 13-3 (5th cold).

Also, in the first match at ZOZO Marine, which was held from today with a maximum of 5,000 spectators, the Narita vs Kisarazu Comprehensive match, Kisarazu Comprehensive was the lead batter home run as soon as it started!

A-seed Narita lost to C-seed Kisarazu Comprehensive 2-9 (7 times cold), and A-seed Prefectural Funabashi also lost to C-seed Yachiyo Shoin 2-9 (7 times cold), where 2 A-seed schools Is eliminated.

In addition, the remaining A seed specialization Omatsudo, after the pitcher battle, shook off C seed Tokai University Ichihara Nobuhiro by 1 point, 1 point difference, and has advanced to “A seed only best 8”.

The results of the match on the 17th are as follows.

1st match Narashino 13-3 Nihon University Kashiwa (5th cold) 2nd match Chuo Gakuin 9-2 Chiba Keiai (7th cold) 3rd match Nihon University Narashino 2-1 Chiba Commercial

1st match Reimei Chiba 3-0 Kokubu 2nd match Yachiyo Shoin 9-2 Funabashi (7th cold) 3rd match Akinori Chiba 6-5 Tokyo Gakkan Urayasu

1st Match Kisarazu Comprehensive 9-2 Narita (7th Cold) 2nd Match Omatsudo 1-0 Tokai Univ. Nobuhiro Ichihara

Best 8 Advance School Narashino (B Seed) Chiba Reimei Kisarazu Comprehensive (C Seed) Yachiyo Shoin (C Seed) Chuo Gakuin (B Seed) Specialized Omatsudo (A Seed) Nihon University Narashino Chiba Akinori

Eight games of hot battles held at three stadiums. In the cheering tweet sent in[#Batch bee hot summer]”Thank you for your hard work at Funabashi Prefectural Government! Thank you for your impression. It was a lot of fun!” (YUKI) “Boyo vs Senmatsu was the most interesting match of this tournament! (Tsu) “Senmatsu won, but it’s a really nice game with a single layer of paper! This is still the 5th round ~ lol I’m looking forward to tomorrow” (@shun)

We received comments and impressions of the game in honor of the children.

Summer high school baseball Chiba tournament where you don’t know what will happen. In the quarterfinals on the 18th, Narashino vs Kisarazu Comprehensive and Omatsudo vs Chiba Akinori will play a total of 4 games at ZOZO Marine and Zet A Ball Park.


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