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Badminton: Rift about the shuttlecocks at masters in Esbjerg

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All places at the Denmark Masters in badminton, which is played in Esbjerg, have been torn away, and there are players on the waiting list in all five rows. Especially in women’s singles, there are big names in the field.

Esbjerg: There will be a full house for the Denmark Masters in badminton, which will be played in the Blue Water Dock in Esbjerg from the 4th to the 8th of August.

The registration deadline has expired, and the chairman of Badminton Esbjerg, which is the organizing club, is quite overwhelmed.

– There are 326 registrations in the five rows, and there are players on the waiting list in all rows. We did not expect that, and the most surprising thing is that there are players from all over the world, says Jørn Gade.


In addition to Denmark, the Nordic countries and closest European neighbors, players from Ukraine, Canada, Malaysia, India, Peru and Mexico are registered – players from a total of 23 countries.

Many players are hungry to get out to play, and many need to try and prove themselves.

Jørn Gade

– The great interest in participating is due to the fact that it is a good time. Many players are hungry to get out to play, and many need to try themselves and prove themselves after limited opportunities in the corona period, Jørn Gade believes.


And just corona is still a joker in the game.

– It is Badminton Denmark that is the actual organizer of the tournament, and we just follow the guidelines that are laid out. Everyone must of course comply with the applicable rules and show up with coronapas and so on. It is planned that some changes will take place from 1 August, and we will of course have to wait and see. It is planned that we may close twice 500 spectators in each section into the Blue Water Dock, and that should be enough to meet the demand, says Jørn Gade.


Strong ladies row

He is especially looking forward to an exciting battle for the title in women’s singles.

– There is participation from the last two years Danish champions, Line Christophersen and Line Kjærsfeldt, and national team player Julie Dawall, so it is the top of the pop. With the men, it is possible to see the players who are just below the very best in Denmark, and who are set to be the ones to take over on the big stage, so there is really good badminton waiting, says Jørn Gade.

And with over 300 players, their families and spectators, there is also the prospect that the city will benefit from the event.

– The players have had to provide accommodation themselves, and for the most part it is at the hotel, and they also have to provide catering themselves. It will probably be busy in the cafeteria in the hall, but there will definitely be something for the commercial life in Esbjerg, and it is great to be able to contribute, says Jørn Gade.


Badminton Esbjerg has sought volunteers for the Denmark Masters, and chairman Jørn Gade has several times expressed concern about whether they could find enough volunteers for the guards.

450 out of the 500 that were reported to be needed have now been found, and Jørn Gade is confident in finding the last ones.

Those interested can still get in touch with the badminton club.

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