Atlético Nacional can be blunted by tutelage against Federation – Colombian Soccer – Sports

There is a new one ‘round‘in the legal dispute that they maintain Cortuluá Y National Athletic for the debt of 5 million dollars that has prevented the Paisa team from registering their reinforcements for the second league of the year.

First, this Tuesday it became known that a judge denied the tutelage imposed by Ruyeri Blanco, reinforcement of Nacional, in which she claimed her right to work.

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As well as Blanco, Dorlan Pabón, Yeison Guzmán, Felipe Aguilar and Nelson Palacios filed, individually, protection actions alleging the right to work.

After this appeal was denied, the document presented by Atlético Nacional against the Colombian Football Federation was known for “violating the rights of access to justice, due process and the defense of Nacional, by attempting to collect a debt for a very high debt through coercion. amount that they themselves imposed for a conviction in favor of Cortuluá, without recognizing or giving any option to be able to dispute it judicially. ”

The guardianship was presented by the lawyer Óscar Gómez Pineda as a representative of Nacional.

“The Federation alleged before the CAS that it lacked competence to resolve the conflict, arguing that in its own regulations said power did not exist, which allowed Cortuluá to demand the annulment of the CAS award before the courts.
Switzerland, which, after navigating the ambiguous norms issued by the defendants, determined that said regulations were an “enchanted forest” in which any interpreter could be lost, and concluding that the CAS had no jurisdiction, “the statement reads. document.

The disciplinary implications for Nacional could go up to the club’s disaffiliation, this according to article 3 of the disciplinary code of the Colombian Football Federation, which does not allow to go to ordinary justice. Your penalty could be disenrollment.

“They may not submit disputes of such a nature before ordinary courts to
unless specified in the FIFA regulations. Once the federative route has been exhausted (instances of the sports disciplinary bodies), they may submit disputes to the Arbitral Court for Sport (TAS) of Lausanne (Switzerland) or to the arbitration court that is eventually indicated in the statutes of Fifa, Conmebol, the FCF and the Dimayor, as appropriate, “reads the Federation regulations.





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