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Archery, gazing up at the podium

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Alejandra Valencia arrives in Tokyo with good aim to try to win that metal that slipped from her hands.

The eye is in the center of the target; outstretched arm and tense muscles. Fingers release the arrow that sticks into the yellow center to earn 10 points. That is a routine that has been repeated with good results for Mexico in the last Olympic editions. Mainly in London 2012, where Aida Román Y Mariana avitia they were awarded silver and bronze, respectively, in the individual archery event.

Four years later, in Rio 2016, Alejandra Valencia she fell one step away from a medal when she lost the bronze match against Korea’s Ki Bo-Bae. Valencia had eliminated the world champion in the quarterfinals, but that last effort was not enough to get on the podium. However, the Sonoran reaches Such with that experience and with good aim to try to win that metal that slipped from his hands. Also with great determination: “It is a path that is being generated and the Korean or the Chinese will not win against us because we are Mexican and that has changed, the mentality,” said Valencia with the calm and determined voice that identifies her.

For many months, she was the only one qualified, but the women’s team also got their ticket on the last leg. In that truck, in addition to Valencia, is the 2012 Olympic runner-up, Aida Román Y Ana Paula Vázquez, the 20-year-old who combines her young drive with the experience of her peers.

In the men’s branch there will also be a rematch. Luis Alvarez He returns to the Olympic stage nine years after he participated in London 2012. That time “Grandpa” had a good aim and although he did not get on the podium, he left the promise of what would come next. And although he did not qualify for Rio 2016, today he returns to Tokyo with the accumulated experience of nine years of preparation after his first games.

Mexico reaches the Olympics staring at the Olympic podium.


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