Allegations of police after riot at Wembley

NAfter the riots around the European Championship final at Wembley Stadium, the London police have come under severe criticism. Cabinet members and the FA football association have accused the police of failing to shield the stadium in the north-west of the British capital well enough, the Times reported on Wednesday.

In addition, it is astonishing why the police did not classify the game between England and Italy as a high-risk game. “There were mistakes and we have to check where the mistakes were,” said Mayor Sadiq Khan on BBC Radio 4. Because of the corona pandemic, only 60,000 spectators were allowed in Wembley Stadium, which corresponds to two thirds of the capacity of 90,000 seats. However, only a few free spaces were shown on TV pictures.

The Times wrote that “thousands” may have illegally entered the stadium, including well-known hooligans. Eyewitnesses reported that security workers accepted money to let people in. In the stadium, numerous spectators without tickets would have occupied free seats and passages, while others would have scared away families with children.

The security staff was poorly trained and the police could hardly be seen inside the stadium. At least two Italian fans were seriously injured by hooligans. The Times quoted a senior government source as saying that the allegations are “very grave, if they are true.”

The police said that 86 people were arrested in London on Sunday for various violations, 53 of them in Wembley. Khan said he expects many more arrests as soon as images from surveillance cameras are evaluated. The police and security guards present did their best.




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