Afrobasket lady 2021: package for the organization of the DRC, the decision of FIba awaited urgently

in full training

(Pan-African News Agency) -The Democratic Republic of the Congo, chosen for more than six months to organize the qualifiers for afro basket ball Cameroon 20 21, has just thrown in the towel for technical reasons, leaving the two countries the DRC and Gabon in the unknown.

The withdrawal of the DRC for the organization of the qualifiers in zone four undermines the Gabonese team which has prepared this competition for three months, and sees it canceled within two days, simply reveals a sadness that could have an impact. psychological impact for girls and for Gabonese supervision. the president of the Gabonese basketball federation during the press conference he hosted on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, specified that the situation as it arises does not qualify Gabon for the afro basket ball dame 2021, and that we have to wait for a decision from Fiba Africa. If we have to be patient with Fiba’s decision, but it is imperative that it be taken earlier to allow the Gabonese side to refine a new timeline in order to prevent the stress process from harming the performance of the girls who had already made a complete physical and psychological preparation, and especially to manage the calendar of the professionals coming from France who await with attention the sentence of the authority of African basketball.

The question on the decision date of the administration of Fiba Africa headed by Hamane Niang arouses a lot of interest, because it will clarify the two teams that are Gabon and the DRC concerned by these qualifiers in zone four. Recall that the two teams were to oppose in a double confrontation on July 16 and 17, 2021 in Kinshasa for a place at the Cameroon 2021 afrobasket scheduled for September.

  1. Ulrich Corso Sima Ella, correspondant (App)


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