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Adidas x Prada Luna Rossa 21, the luxury tennis you will want this 2021

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Adidas x Prada Luna Rossa 21 it is not just any collaboration. One of the crossovers in fashion that we simply cannot overcome – to put it in terms of fiction and film – is undoubtedly the dumbbell that today hold Raf Simons Y Miuccia Prada. All our eyes follow any of their movements and we constantly enter into a game of expectations that brings us excitement, joy and wonder. In that same line, Prada he is very smart to choose his creative allies and generate in us a serotonin rush that is not easy to compare; He knows perfectly well that we are there, on the lookout, and he also knows where he can reach us on each occasion to gain our taste more and more. And this time the Italian house will once again join the mythical label from Adidas it should be understood as that; the union of a lot of creativity, history and technology. A collab that brings together the best of two extremely rich ways of seeing the world.

Let’s remember that in 2020 this pair had already presented us with a kick that amazed us for its sobriety and beauty: the Prada x Adidas Superstar. A model of sharpness and genius in its contours that, even though it seemed simple, left us open-mouthed due to the cultural weight that both labels could make work on the same object. First, we have a sportswear titan who managed to make his way off the courts and tracks to become a key player not only in streetwear, but in music, film, television, and other arts. After, it is Prada with a background incredible of tradition and prestige; a fashion firm that initially stood out for its leather goods, and that has never stopped innovating in techniques, materials, approaches and procedures.

For this occasion, the Adidas x Prada A + P Luna Rossa 21 sneakers They are based on the iconic heritage of both brands, as well as the aesthetic codes of the AC75 Luna Rossa boat. You can see in its silhouette the vestiges of a completely sporty model, as well as the design proposals that best bring its shapes closer to the streetwear of our time.

We can find this collaboration in two different versions. A gray color, whose design starts from being originally intended for navigation and is now moved to a more edition lifestyle. And another in black that pays tribute to the stories of both brands with a subtle and delicate tone, but quite forceful.

The way in which the two logos coexist in this model and its materials is unique

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What is Adidas x Prada Luna Rossa 21 made of?

Its upper is made with PRIMEGREEN, a series of high-performance recycled materials, which is complemented by a hydrophobic E-TPU cover, an ergonomically designed EVA insole, a high-speed lacing system and a synthetic suede interior. perforated. Characteristics that are an example of the improvement and strength that Miuccia Prada seeks with each of the projects she undertakes.

Details that are made up of fashion and excellence in materials

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Adidas x Prada Luna Rossa 21 tennis gray color, model details

The complete structure of this sneakerInspired by performance, it takes its place on top of a perforated BOOST midsole and a wraparound outsole, giving us greater freedom of movement and safety with every step.

In addition, each pair of tennis A + P Luna Rossa 21 It comes with a waterproof bag and a stylish box with the logo of both brands. Luxury in every detail, as is a tradition already in every classic signed by Adidas and Prada.

Luxuriously useful packaging

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Adidas x Prada Luna Rossa 21 Tennis Bag and Box

When and where to buy them

Both silhouette colors will launch globally on July 19, via boutiques.
from Prada and the flagship stores of Adidas. Without forgetting, of course, that on the websites of each brand you can find your pair. Note that the black model will also be available through select retail stores. Stay tuned.

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