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a first turning point in the sale of the club, a candidate for the trap?

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Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: top 10 market values ​​of the Greens

By means of a press release, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo had formalized on April 14 their desire to find a buyer “in order to ensure the continuity and development” of ASSE. The Anglo-Dutch firm KPMG was mandated “to select the best investor and to ensure that this new shareholder has the appropriate means to grow the club, guarantee employment and perpetuate its identity”. Three months later, the case is ongoing. Several projects have filtered, including that of Olivier Markarian, sponsor of the club through his company, Markal, and that carried by Mathieu Bodmer.

The stillborn Markarian project?

If some sources recently announced that discussions were well advanced with Bodmer and his associates, this would not be so. For now, no project would hold the rope. Bodmer’s would still have a lot of gray areas and Markarian’s would have made little progress. He might not even survive the deadline set by KPMG on Monday. It is indeed today, July 19, that the various candidates must pass the documents attesting to their financial solidity. The sales process will then enter a new phase: that of file analysis.

Deadline this Monday for the submission of files

The candidates for the takeover of ASSE have until this evening to submit their files to KPMG. Some would be in difficulty.

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