Wuilker Faríñez remembers Millionaires after Venezuela vs Colombia in America’s Cup | America’s Cup 2021

Wuilker Faríñez was the hero of the night in Goiânia and with his great saves he avoided Venezuela’s fall against Colombia on the second round of group A of the Copa América.

After finishing the game, the former Millionaires goalkeeper with a presence in Lens, France, spoke with the media and gave his impressions of the duel in which he appeared and was also recognized by his peer in goal, David Ospina.

“We thank God because it was a very complicated game. I am happy for the dedication of the players, of each person who is with us supporting us despite the circumstances that we have gone through due to the losses we have,” he said.

Likewise, the Venezuelan goalkeeper took advantage of the space and, when asked by the Colombian journalist José Fernando Neira about the final between Millonarios and Tolima, he sent a warm and emotional message to the Albiazul fans and the team’s players, ensuring that he will be aware of the final waiting for a good result.

“(Millionaires) I have kept in contact with everyone, right now I am going to get to see the final which is going to be very important. Wishing Millionaires the best of success and supporting them as always… Give yourselves to the maximum, it will be a very fought match, I will be supporting you from here like all the fans. Also send a greeting to all the fans and to all the people who supported me from there, “he said.



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