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Woj explains what the Lakers are going to do in the market this summer

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Prematurely eliminated in the postseason, the Lakers now have a long offseason ahead of them. There are a multitude of files to manage, and the right decisions will have to be taken. Adrian Wojnarowski has in any case proposed a guideline to follow for LA during the offseason.

On a mission for the back-to-back this year, the Lakers have quite royally screwed up. Defeated in the first round by the Suns in six games, the Californians can consider their season as well and truly missed. And the worst part is that this one is far from over …

Indeed, with no less than eleven players at the end of the contract, it is almost the entire workforce around LeBron James who could leave this summer. An exodus that the franchise must avoid at all costs, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. The famous American insider, guest on the show SportsCenter, explained that the Lakers must in particular keep certain elements in particular:

The Lakers are very limited by the salary cap, and the assets they have to trade, to really make dramatic changes with the current roster. They must extend Dennis Schröder. And why not Alex Caruso, who could be a free agent this summer. What if someone gave him 10 million a year?

For the Lakers, with Kyle Kuzma, KCP, what value do these players have with their contracts in the market… not much. I think LA should focus on the health ofAnthony Davis, and keep the players they have out of free agency and extend them over the long term.

Priority to continuity therefore according to the Woj, who believes that the Purple and Gold have too little leeway to do otherwise. In the case of Caruso, this should be able to settle soon, the Bald Mamba having already given indications as to its future.

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For Schröder, on the other hand, it could be trickier. The German turned down an 84 million four-year lease during the season, and it’s hard to see Angelino leaders offering him more, especially after his poor playoffs. That being said, nothing prevents them from doing it and then exchanging it elsewhere, the leader being able to represent a very nice counterpart.

You will understand, Rob Pelinka & co. are going to have a lot of work this summer, in order to maintain a high level workforce. It is vital to make profitable the last years of LeBron James, who still enjoys a certain power of attraction. We will have to make the best use of it.

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