With tutelage they intend to invalidate controversial Brazil vs Colombia, Copa América 2021 today | America’s Cup 2021

Try not to mock that this is a judicial matter, a serious matter: they would have filed a tutela action to force Conmebol and the Colombian Football Federation to repeat the match against Brazil, in the first phase of group B of the Copa América, claiming that an injustice was committed.

As reported by LA FM Radio, Pablo Bustos, president of the Red de Veedurías, would have filed the tutela action in which it is alleged that Colombia, which lost (2-1), was the victim of injustice due to an arbitration error.

“The Veedurías Network requests an order and, failing that, the Colombian Soccer Federation is exhorted to immediately and urgently request Conmebol for the immediate cancellation of the Colombia-Brazil match, of the Copa América, by Conmebol, which is currently played in Brazil ”, indicates the protection action, according to the source.

The plaintiffs hope that, before the start of the quarterfinal round, the duel will be repeated, since they consider that there was an infraction of the regulations, by not invalidating Firmino’s goal action, after the ball hit judge Néstor Pitana on the play.

Now the tutela action would begin its process … as if there was not enough work already in the courts to recharge it with football results thousands of kilometers from here.




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